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The Core Techniques Online Meditation Mindbody Mastery

The core techniques

Brought together in one powerful mind training program

Mindbody Mastery is a comprehensive program and helps you learn key mind-body techniques that build up into a wonderful, valuable meditation habit. Unlike many other meditation programs, it gets you to experience stillness, which is the true heart of meditation. Throughout your journey you will be giving on going support to keep you motivated.

Whether a beginner or experienced we recommend you follow the program from the start. Once you’ve experienced all the techniques you will begin to see the benefits such as:

  • Improving how effectively you function
  • Improved health by changing your body physiologically and metabolically
  • Enhanced relationships and being more compassionate
  • Enriched enjoyment of life.

MBM Program core techniques

Rapid Relaxation

A 5-minute technique to quickly relax the body and calm the mind, an ideal starting point, and useful for daily life situations

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

An amazing technique to relax the mind and body, particularly useful for:

  • releasing the negative effects of tension, stress and anxiety;
  • helping with recuperation and healing
  • falling asleep, gaining restful sleep
  • overcoming acute pain
  • recovering from strenuous physical exercise


A simple technique that trains your mind to focus and not wander. Very useful for all kinds of things from studying better, being better at solving problems at work, or just even being a better listener.

Focused Mindfulness

A technique that is easy to learn and practise, and is the basis of all forms of meditation - focusing the mind first on the sounds around you, and then on your incoming and outgoing breath.

Open mindfulness

Going deeper, a technique that enables you to observe your own mind, and approach the stillness of mind beyond thought.


Combining relaxation, concentration and mindfulness into a simple but masterful meditation that you can practice as your main mind training technique. Once you have mastered this technique you can sit in longer periods of silence.


Guided visualisation exercises including The Journey of Transformation, replete with many subtle yet powerful metaphorical images developed to enhance healing and wellbeing. This exercise appeals to the young and old alike and has been well tested over decades; and

The White Light of Healing, a wonderful way to deeply experience healing and compassion, and also The Journey to Abundance, a powerful visualization to help you feel and even manifest abundance in your life.

Integration & Contemplation

The ability to logically think through a concept in such a way as to be able to feel its truth. We present a guided Contemplation on Gratitude - being able to relate to all aspects of your life, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, with gratitude. Recent research has indicated such a practice helps to overcome depression, while personal experience demonstrates significantly improved feelings of appreciation and wellbeing.